No. 46: RT Orlando Franklin, Miami (Fla.)

Orlando Franklin

Orlando Franklin at the Scouting Combine. (PHOTO: MAXDENVER.COM)

Height: 6-05.4
Weight: 316 pounds
School: Miami (Fla.)
40 Time:
5.20 seconds (Combine)
Bench Press Reps:
26 (Combine)

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – It’s been a while since the Broncos had stability at right tackle. In the last five seasons, six different players have started at the position. Orlando Franklin was selected to try and solve that problem.

First, he’ll have to adjust to playing right tackle after spending his entire college career on the left side — first at left guard, and then at left tackle, where he started late in his junior year and throughout his senior campaign.

Franklin said he didn’t visit the Broncos in the weeks leading up to the draft, proving once again that it’s unwise to make too much of the visits scheduled by teams.

“I didn’t know they were going to pick me,” Franklin said. “I met with a whole bunch of teams, but they were one of the ones that I didn’t meet with.

“I had no idea what the area (code) was, but they got excited, and I got excited, too.”

Franklin did carry an injury concern into the offseason, undergoing surgery in January to repair torn meniscus in his left knee. It didn’t keep him from a full Combine workout a month later. He said then he was “98 percent,” and said Friday he was back to full health.

“It’s feeling real good,” Franklin said. “I feel like I’m ready to go and contribute right away.”

The pick of Franklin also appears to be an affirmation of Tim Tebow’s prominence to the Broncos’ rebuilding effort. With myriad needs around the roster, the Broncos thought that right tackle — the blindside protection spot for the left-handed Tebow — was worthy of a high selection, coming before defensive tackle, tight end or running back.

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