Tebow, Miller Bond Through Workout

DENVER – Tim Tebow’s devotion to his workout schedule is almost fanatical. It allows for detours like the one he made to the John Lynch Salute the Stars luncheon on Tuesday afternoon, but as soon as it was over, he wanted to change out of his suit and go work out.

But at the lunch, he gained a new partner — his successor as Broncos first-round pick, linebacker Von Miller.

As Lynch told the gathering of approximately 1,000, Tebow and Miller met in the Invesco Field visitors locker room, where the event’s VIP reception took place. They struck up a conversation, and Tebow asked him a question:

“Do you want to work out together?”

Miller accepted.

“Hopefully I can make it through there and make it back to Dallas,” Miller said.

“I’m not going to beat him up. He might beat me up,” Tebow said. “I’ll have to see what type of regimen he’s on.

“We’ll just get together, go for a workout and talk about this upcoming season, and whatever I can do to help him, I’ll try to help.”

When Miller returns to Texas, he’d like to organize some workouts with his future teammates.

“(Third-round pick) Nate Irving and (seventh-round pick) Jeremy Beal are down in Dallas too, and I think (fourth-round pick) Quinton (Carter) is coming down to Dallas. We can all work out at the Michael Johnson training facility; that’s where I’m going to be,” Miller said.

“It’s good to get the camaraderie and the esprit de corps with all the team guys, and I like to think I’m a team guy.”

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