Six Words or Less: Your Post-Game Tweets

ARLINGTON, Texas – A collection of your quick post-game thoughts in six words or less following the Broncos’ 24-23 loss to the Dallas Cowboys:

DenverDouble: Positive. A work in progress.

Josh_Moczygemba: Regardless, it’s still just preseason.

LJjuarez: #timtebow proved he can play!!

MASON: He proved it last year, as well. I think many have forgotten that he had some solid moments as a starter, led one comeback from 16 down and another near-rally a week later. It’s not like he was Ryan Leaf or Kelly Stouffer out there.

bertjanb: Want to see more first string

MASON: You’ll get your wish a week from Saturday.

ProteinBarGirl: I still hate the Cowboys.

MASON: But I should let you know they dole out a darn fine pre-game dinner spread.

Roddoliver: Cut. Nate. Jones.

MASON: Judging by the entire volume of Tweets, few appeared pleased with Mr. Jones in the game’s late stages.

BroncosForums: Still a long way to go.

billberger32: pressure the QB every down!!!

MASON: And if he audibles to a draw play, you’re fried.

303MP: Quinn has a chance this year.

sportsindenver: D+ 3QB+

MASON: I’m assuming “D+” isn’t a grade.

ItalianD: Orton is boring, Tebow/Quinn = win

MASON: A wise man once told me the only boring football was losing football. Having grown up near Tampa during the Bucs’ 14-season run of consecutive losing seasons from 1983-96, I would concur.


MASON: The all caps seemed an appropriate, cathartic choice.

mchristensen7: Tebow and Quinn make things happen.

MASON: That was impossible to deny, especially after Quinn got over the early three-and-outs.

Marlon_M_9: Tebow 6-of-7, 91 yds

MASON: Of course, he did have an interception that was nullified by penalty.

mattduw: Tebow better watch out for Quinn.

MASON: I wonder if their stints will be reversed next week, so we can learn what Quinn does against a second unit.

Will_StL: The second-strong O-line is horrible.

MASON: It got better as the game progressed, but early in Tebow’s possessions, it was like last Saturday’s scrimmage all over again.

logandent: Preseason.

cgoliver: Orton can win games ….. preseason …. chartreuse #needed6words

MASON: Quoth “Weird” Al Yankovic: “This song is just six … words … long …”

spenz0r: Pre-season as per usual OR cut Nate Jones … now

MASON: Glad to see no one’s jumping to judgment after what soccer aficionados call a “friendly.”

IAmJordanHarris: So glad football is finally back!

MASON: I think that is a sentiment upon which we can all agree …

DENSports27: I’m already sick of pre-season!

MASON: … or perhaps not.

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  1. Andrew, great job on covering the game tonight. I’ve been reading the site for some time now and have very impressed. keep up the good work and GO BRONCOS!!

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