Hills: Versatile, and Still With Potential

Tony Hills

HILLS: ... started twice at guard for Steelers in 2011 preseason.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – Playing time has been sparse for offensive tackle Tony Hills during his three-year career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, as he played in just four regular-season games and never made a start beyond the preseason.

But his versatility — which he showed this summer when he moved to right guard and started twice in the preseason — could prove invaluable for a unit that probably needs to have eight players in uniform on game day and already has one pure tackle in reserve (Chris Clark).

With Hills, there’s also the question of whether his potential has been tapped. He hasn’t had the opportunities to play in the regular season that Herb Taylor received in 2008, when he was overwhelmed by Julius Peppers in his first starting assignment.

At the least, the Broncos have found a valuable utility lineman who can potentially work at four positions. But they might have also found a player who can still grow into a solid starter.

His progress in practice will bear watching in the coming weeks.

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