Miller Isn’t Pain-Free, But ‘Confident’ About Playing

Von Miller

Von Miller wore this cast Wednesday and will wear a different one Thursday. (PHOTO: MAXDENVER.COM)

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – Wednesday afternoon’s two hours of on-field worked marked Von Miller’s second practice since undergoing surgery to repair ligaments in his right thumb last week.

He emerged feeling “confident” that he would play against the Bears on Sunday.

“Some positions hurt a little bit; some positions didn’t. It’s just new,” Miller said. “I think with more practice I can figure it out.”

The rookie outside linebacker and AFC sack leader practiced on a limited basis Wednesday and spent the afternoon continuing his adjustment to the injury and the casts he wears — which change every day.

“You don’t realize how important your thumb is until you don’t have it,” Miller said. “It’s definitely a learning curve, but I think I’ll be all right.”

However, he emerged from the session feeling better about his chances of playing against the Bears than before.

“I was surprised. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do certain stuff but I exceeded my expectations, so that’s a good thing,” Miller said. “(Thursday) I’m going to try out a new cast and see how it feels.”

Miller said he wore a curved cast during Wednesday’s practice, but will don a straight cast for Thursday’s work.

“When you’re pushing guys you’ve got to have that wrist cocked and it’s harder when you’ve got a straight wrist to push guys around,” Miller said.

“I’m just feeling around to see which position feels most comfortable and we’ll just go about it from there.”

The Broncos’ medical personnel opted to keep Miller sidelined at Minnesota last Sunday in part because of the risk of infection to the surgical incision. That was the same issue that kept running back Willis McGahee sidelined against Detroit in Week 8 after he suffered a hand injury seven days earlier at Miami.

“I feel like I could have gone, but it still was a great decision to leave me out because there’s no telling what could have happened,” Miller said. “In the heat of battle, you never know.”

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