Quinn: Nothing Different About This Week’s Preparation

Brady Quinn

Brady Quinn prepares to receive a shotgun snap in practice Friday. (PHOTO: MAXDENVER.COM)

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – Brady Quinn hasn’t thrown a regular-season pass since joining the Broncos via a March 2010 trade, and as the backup quarterback, hasn’t thrown too many during the team’s practices, either.

Yet he stands ready, just as he has throughout the last several weeks as the second-string quarterback behind Tim Tebow.

“As ready as you can be,” Quinn said. “Obviously the backup doesn’t get many reps, if any, so you’ll just try to go out there and do the best you can when you get the opportunity.”

Tebow’s recent struggles spawned public speculation that the Broncos could turn to Quinn if the second-year quarterback once again stumbles. Tebow has committed six turnovers and posted a paltry 27.0 quarterback rating in the last two weeks.

His completion percentage last week — 27.3 percent on 6-of-22 passing — was the lowest for an NFL quarterback with at least 20 attempts since Carolina’s Jake Delhomme went 7-for-27 at Oakland in 2008. It was also the lowest for a Broncos quarterback with at least 20 attempts since Steve Tensi in 1967.

Quinn said the coaches have not told him to expect anything different.

“No. Just trying to stay ready and get guys extra catches (in practice),” Quinn said. “Obviously, the wide receivers are trying to be ready, as well.”

The backup situation at quarterback is no different than what exists with the squad’s other positions, Fox said.

“(Quinn) is on the football team, and everybody on the team’s ready,” Fox said. “Like every game, we expect our starters to play well, and if for some reason an injury occurs or something happens, then it’s the next man up. That won’t change any more this week than it has all season.”

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2 Responses

  1. WOW why would they say anything else? MHR bloggers are going absolutely nuts because EFX is being smart. MHR screeming that Quinn should NOT even pratice because God will take care of Tim. Boy are they going to get an awaking.
    Timmy can not throw the ball period. To beat Steelers you have to PRESENT a passing game. Hense get Brady ready because Timmy’s experiment is done.
    OH the MHR posters all call for screens by Timmy. DA he can not use screens because the defense sits in a pocket and DARES Timmy to throw. But oh wait he can’t. MHR are all Tebowites at this point. Timmy can do no wrong. HEY if God wanted Timmy to throw a football he would have given him an arm for throwing.


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