Live Tweets from the Fox-Elway-Xanders Press Conference

Fox, Elway and Xanders

John Fox, John Elway and Brian Xanders smile during their press conference in the Broncos' team meeting room Monday. (PHOTO: ANDREW MASON / MAXDENVER.COM)

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. –Below are some quick-hit notes from the Broncos’ season-ending press conference, held Monday afternoon at team headquarters.

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“Tim’s earned the right to be the starting QB going into training camp next year.” — Elway

No offseason led to “tough situation” for Tebow, Elway said. Tebow needs to improve mechanics, he adds.

Elway: “The passing game wasn’t where we wanted it to be … those are the strides we have to make … we know Timmy will work his tail off”

Elway: “I think he will make those improvements.”

Elway: “I’m looking forward to spending considerable time with him as well as all the quarterbacks.”

Elway: “A lot of credit goes to John Fox … what we needed here was these guys to enjoy football again, kind of a football rehab …

Elway: “… the type of coach John is got the most out of the guys we have … So much of this credit goes to (Fox).”

Adam Weber has been signed to a future contract, as have all other practice-squad players.

Elway: “What I went through doesn’t compare with what Tim went through … mine (scrutiny) was local-based; his was world-wide.”

Elway: “We’re so hopeful that Tim’s that guy … has worked to do … made strides this year … got a lot of experience this year.”

Xanders: “We’re not where we want to be. We’ve got to perform better.” Evaluations beginning this week.

Xanders, on whether there’s room to bring in guys: “Yes … we plan to be aggressive and smart at the same time.”

Xanders: must address team’s own UFAs … for players from other teams, said Broncos must be “aggressive” & “smart.”

Xanders: “This year we spent 98 percent to our cash budget.”

Fox: “I anticipate adding some different players … we had a good season; we want to have a great season.”

Fox: “We’re a work in progress. We’ve got a lot of work to do … We’ve got a long ways to go.”

Elway: “I’m looking forward to having a normal offseason, normal free agency timeline …”

Elway: “No question we had some tough situations, QB situation, but for the most part I enjoyed (the 1st year on the job).”

Elway: “Going through the experience we had last year you realize there’s high expectations … I like that challenge.”

Elway: “Not many people thought we’d win the AFC West … we’re happy w/ the progress we made as a team this year.”

Elway: “We want to be as transparent as we possibly can … The one thing I’m proud of is that bandwagon is now full again.”

Elway: Playoff game vs. PIT was “as exciting & loud as that building’s ever been.”

Elway: “We have to do a better job at home. 4-5 counting the playoff game…creating excitement about Broncos was our biggest accomplishment”

Elway: “Rahim Moore is a young guy we still have high expectations for.”

Elway: It”was tough” for Julius Thomas to bounce back from the high ankle sprain.

Elway: “We still believe there’s a lot of growth, upside in the (2011) draft class … Now we’ve got to do it again this year.”

Fox: “I saw excellent growth in Timmy and expect more growth going forward.”

Fox: “We went into the draft & said we had to find 3 starters,” and those were Miller, Franklin and Quinton Carter.

Fox on Brady Quinn having a future with the Broncos: “There’s that possibility … he impressed me throughout the year.”

Xanders said the team will start working on its own free agents first. Still working on end-of-season evaluations before going forward.

Xanders said the team will set a free-agency plan when they get back from the Senior Bowl.

Fox: “It’s very complimentary to this organization that (Allen & McCoy) are being interviewed … speaks for what this org. accomplished.”

Fox: “(McCoy) has done a tremendous job (w/ Tebow’s development) … He’s definitely capable (of being a head coach).”

Elway, on potential backup QB competing w/ Tebow mania: “If he’s afraid to come in & compete for that job, maybe he’s not the right guy.”

Elway: Tough to deal w/ lack of control, “but I got a taste of that in the Arena League & got a lot of my frustrations out there.”

Elway: New CBA means that can’t do anything w/ players work-out wise until mid-April.

Elway: Tebow’s “release is pretty much natural; you’re not going to change that a whole lot.” Can make minor tweaks there.

Elway: “I believe your release is timed to your feet and drops … accuracy/timing/rhythm all timed together.”

Elway: “timing the legs into the depth of the routes … your feet are your time clock … tying those together is main thing we’ll work on”

Xanders: Injured players are progressing … on schedule.

Elway: “Most of my success came in the pocket,” but could make plays outside the pocket.

Elway: “Staying within the offense, there’s a method to that … that helped me as a QB, us as an organization. Hopefully I can teach him what I learned, to tell him what I learned in year 10, hopefully get that to him in year 3 or 4.”

Elway: Completion percentage depends on defense. If you get man coverage all the time, “you’re not going to be a 60 percent passer.”

Fox: Mike McCoy is in Miami today, interviewing for their head-coaching position.

Fox, on potentially losing coordinators: “No different (than hiring coordinators last year) … you’re going to lose coaches & you’ve got to find good replacements.”

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