Another Year, Another Coordinator

Champ Bailey

BAILEY: ... happy for Dennis Allen, but admits, "I want that stability."

MOBILE, Ala. –Never has a great player dealt with as much instability among his bosses as Champ Bailey.

With Dennis Allen headed to Oakland to become the Raiders’ head coach, Bailey is about to play under the 11th different defensive coordinator in his career, which will extend into its 14th season this fall.

When Bailey played for the Redskins they had a different defensive coordinator in each of his five seasons there. The trade to the Broncos in 2004 brought a measure of stability, as Larry Coyer was set to begin his second year of a four-season run, but when Mike Shanahan fired Coyer after the 2006 season, the revolving door began spinning wildly once again.

Such was the instability that Bailey worked twice under Mike Nolan — in 1999 with the Redskins and a decade later with the Broncos.

“I heard about our defensive coordinator (Allen) interviewing for a head coaching job and I’m like, ‘That would be great,’” Bailey said Jan. 15. “But at the same time, to be selfish, I want him to be here because I want that stability.”

He won’t get it … but it makes his certain Hall of Fame status all the more remarkable.


  • 1999: Mike Nolan
  • 2000: Ray Rhodes
  • 2001: Kurt Schottenheimer
  • 2002: Marvin Lewis
  • 2003: George Edwards
  • 2004-06: Larry Coyer
  • 2007: Jim Bates
  • 2008: Bob Slowik
  • 2009: Mike Nolan
  • 2010: Don “Wink” Martindale
  • 2011: Dennis Allen
  • 2012: TBD
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