Elway: Hoping Tebow’s the QB ‘for a Long, Long Time’

John Elway

ELWAY: ... standing behind Tebow.

INDIANAPOLIS – There can no longer be any question of what the Broncos’ brass wants regarding Tim Tebow.

A day after coach John Fox said he was “very comfortable” with Tebow as the starting quarterback, executive vice president John Elway used his press conference to declare that he hopes Tebow will be his team’s quarterback “for a long, long time.”

“We’re happy with his year last year,” Elway said. “To finish 9-9 and get a playoff win, which we hadn’t done in several years, and for him
to come in (after the team started) 1-4, he really added a great spark for us and we really had some good things happen to us. I was
really happy with his progress.”

Elway noted that Tebow’s future progress doesn’t necessarily hinge on him learning more traditional mechanics and style. That follows his assertion at the season-ending press conference Jan. 16 that a quarterback’s throwing style is developed from throwing a “dirt clump” as a child, leaving footwork and positioning as the only effective alterations.

“I don’t know that you look at it as becoming more conventional. I think there are things that we have to get him to do within our offense to be more successful as an offense,” Elway said. “Obviously, we look at what we did last year and Tim’s strengths are.

“There is no question he can run the football; he is a big guy and physical and he likes to run it. I think (offensive coordinator) Mike McCoy and the offensive staff did a tremendous job trying to play to Tim’s strengths.

“I think we will continue to do that but we also want to see strides in Tim and his ability to get better at throwing the football downfield from in the pocket.

“We just feel that’s something we have to do to get better as an offense — to be able to add that threat there, it makes everything else he does that much better.”

The question now: can he improve in that — and other areas?

Live tweets from Elway’s press conference, posted as it happened on the @MaxBroncos Twitter stream:

  • Elway’s in the room. Here we go.

  • Elway: “We’re happy with his (Tebow’s) year last year … he added a great spark for us … I was really happy w/ his progress.”

  • Elway: hopes Tebow “will be the guy for a long, long time.”

  • Elway: “I was happy” with first year as an executive … “Getting John Fox hired was a tremendous help to change the culture in building.”

  • Elway: QBs have evolved over the years — stronger, more athletic. Also more mature: “These kids realize there’s pressure to perform early.”

  • Elway, on Brian Dawkins: “He’s been a tremendous help for the org. … I haven’t had a chance to talk to Brian to see what his plans are.”

  • Elway on Dawkins: “I know he’s going through a tough time, having been a football player, making that decision.”

  • Elway: “A lot of my philosophy comes from Mike (Shanahan)…what I think of him as a football coach parlays a lot into my thinking as exec.”

  • Elway, on QBs the Broncos are seeking: “I don’t know if we’re looking for one like Tim, an ordinary drop-back or somewhere in between.”

  • Elway says the offense can be run with different type of QBs, a dual-threat like Tebow or a drop-back passer.

  • Elway: “Whether that’s out working with (Noel) Mazzone or whatever he’s doing, I know (Tebow) is doing everything he can to get better.”

  • Elway: “There’s things we have to get (Tebow) to do with our offense to be more successful as an offense.”

  • Elway: … “we want to see strides with Tim throwing downfield.”

  • Elway: DTs a priority, but there are multiple priorities. Re: Bunkley: “Like all our free agents, we want to see them back in the building.”

  • Elway, asked to compare Andrew Luck to himself: “I always thought that (the comparison) was left to you guys (media).”

  • Elway: “Exciting” to hear players talk about wanting to be drafted by Denver again. “Fan base is tremendous, great place to bring up kids.”

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