Six Words or Less: Manning to Denver

Peyton Manning

MANNING: ... Denver bound.

DENVER – Well, it happened … Peyton Manning is a Bronco. Understandably, you had a lot to say:

Amazing addition. #Broncos Super Bowl soon.

Not what I wanted. Psyched anyway.

“Well how about that…”

great now but Tebow is future #sixwords


Broncos going to the Superbowl #sixwordsorless

We Better Win A Super Bowl.

I can finally sleep.

“Super Bowl or Bust” mentality returns

Giddy. #IChooseLess

Sign him and they will come!

Once in a lifetime free agent!

Today we’ve learned the difference between #Broncos fans and #Tebow fans.

Broncos re-signed Joe Mays?!?!!? #sixwords

Excited & anxious 4 this season keep tebow 2?

go get some more FAs


Holy Sheep S– Batman.


Ain’t no party like a Peyton party!

Big money, no whammy, stop! MANNING!!


Bittersweet excitement.

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

we are Super Bowl bound!!!

Feel. Bad. for. Tim. Tebow.

excited, but it’s bittersweet, sad4Tebow

Mike Wallace, Dallas Clark, Jeff Saturday

Cut that meat! Cut that meat!

hated process, loved outcome. Welcome Peyton!


Thank you, Tebow. Let’s go, Manning!

We’ve escaped Tebowmania

Greatest QB acquisition of all time

sheer brilliance – denver’s back

broncos feeling mile high with manning

Very hard but the right move.

Worried but Excited as well,

Love Tebow, Love Manning, Love Broncos. #sixwords. #sevenwords?

TEBOW WHO ???????

End of Tebow Era!!!

Beside myself excited. But sad for 15.

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