What’s in a Number?

Brock Osweiler took his number because it was what was available. Ronnie Hillman got the number of two of his childhood heroes.

Brock Osweiler

OSWEILER: ... will likely stick with No. 6, even though it's his first time in single digits.

You can go ahead and invest in a Brock Osweiler No. 6 jersey if you must. But it might not last.

Osweiler, who wore No. 17 at Arizona State, opted for No. 6 not because of any sentimental value, but because he “basically just kind of drew something out of the hat.”

“Not an (actual) hat, I just picked a number,” the second-round pick said Friday after his first NFL practice session. “Basically, I’ve never been a single-digit number before. I might as well try it; let’s go with 6.

“I’m going to talk with Andre (Caldwell) and see if I can slip that 17 from him somehow, but if I can’t, I’ll see how this No. 6 thing goes.”

No. 6 hasn’t been worn by a Bronco in the regular season since Jay Cutler.

“Actually, I didn’t realize that until after I’d picked it, but, whatever,” said Osweiler, who was in buoyant spirits when he answered questions at a Friday afternoon press conference. “It’s a number and hopefully I’ll do some good things with it.”

CONVERSELY, RONNIE HILLMAN’S NO. 34 was a dream come true.

The third-round running back wore No. 13 at San Diego State, but that’s a number reserved for quarterbacks, wide receivers and kicking specialists. But the number of two players he admired was available, and he pounced.

“Well, Ricky Williams was one of my favorite running backs growing up, and I wasn’t born (in time to be) watching Walter Payton, but he was one of the guys I watched on highlights, and I like the way he played, too,” Hillman said.

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