‘Open Communication’ Among the QBs

The questions are flowing fast and furious among the Broncos’ quarterbacks as they get to know each other and the offense they’ll guide.

Caleb Hanie and Peyton Manning

Caleb Hanie and Peyton Manning throw during Monday's OTA. (PHOTO: ANDREW MASON / MAXDENVER.COM)

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – For those who thought that Peyton Manning might hoard practice repetitions or otherwise be a hindrance to the development of the Broncos’ younger quarterbacks, think again.

“It’s been open communication with us,” said backup quarterback Caleb Hanie after Monday’s organized team activity at Broncos headquarters. “He’s been nothing but helpful if we have questions or anything like that. He’s quick to give us a tip or two here or there. It’s been quite the opposite.”

Even Manning says he’s learning from those around him — in large part because he acknowledges that “there’s no question it (the offense) is different.”

“I try to help them (the other quarterbacks) if I can in any way,” Manning said. “But I’m certainly new to this offense as well, so I’m not afraid to ask questions myself and to learn.

“I really enjoy working with Coach (Adam) Gase and trying to get a feel for what he does as a quarterbacks coach and it’s a learning experience for me as well.”

What Hanie says he’s learned most from Manning is how to run the sets that will be imported from the Colts’ former playbook.

“I’m learning things about some of the plays that he had in Indy, how to read them out and what to do, versus certain looks,” Hanie said. “So I’m learning as we go.”

“It’s pretty much things about his offense, little hints that will help you on each play.”

Probably no one will benefit more from this than Brock Osweiler, who has spoken at length about wanting to pick Manning’s brain, absorb all the lessons he can and learn by practicing and then watching Manning on game days.

Said Manning of Osweiler: “It certainly seems like he’s got an excellent work ethic and he’s got a ton of ability, there’s no question about that. So, these repetitions will be excellent for him, as they will be for Caleb and Adam (Weber) and all the quarterbacks.

“But there’s no question he has a really bright future ahead of him.”

It’s a future that stands to be brighter because of what Manning can bring.

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