Of Von Miller, Yoga and Not Being a Pest

Von Miller

MILLER: After minicamp, focused on yoga.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. – When Von Miller got together with Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul — one of just eight players who surpassed the Broncos Pro Bowler in sacks last year — he wasn’t going to be “that guy.”

You know the type. They’re like a fly that you can’t swat. They annoy and pester with questions, trying to bleed you dry while testing the limits of the schoolhouse cliche’, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.”

Miller played it cool, instead. He and Pierre-Paul worked on yoga to stay limber and in shape. If there was any talk of pass-rushing techniques, it wasn’t going to come by Miller’s prying; it would flow naturally in the conversation between two young players who are at the brink of dominance.

“I try not to be that guy,” Miller said. “I just try to be around those guys. I watch them just like they watch me.

“When you’re around those guys, stuff just comes out; you don’t have to force that or ask them, ‘What are you doing in this situation?’ It just happens.”

Miller said he also got to spend some time with Dallas’ DeMarcus Ware this offseason — another in the octet who had more sacks than Miller’s 11.5 as a rookie.

WHERE MILLER HOPES HIS YOGA WORK assists him is in dealing with the grind of nagging pain and injuries inevitable with every-down work.

“He (Pierre-Paul) said it was a long season. He wanted to get the tendons and stuff,” Miller said. “I really didn’t do a lot of wright training; I just did yoga with him and hopefully I can have the type of season that he had last year.”

The effects are already obvious.

“I feel like Gumby right now,” Miller said.

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