Six Words or Less: Seahawks 30, Broncos 10

Brock Osweiler

Brock Osweiler and the backups didn’t make many fans happy Saturday.

DENVER –It’s your turn … to encapsulate the Broncos’ first preseason loss of 2012 in six words or less:

Got my Bronco fix.

Wolfe, Doom, and no key injuries.

Call it a work in progress.

Manning has not thrown a spiral.

Nothing like a knee jerk reaction.

I want my money back.

That sucked.

2 minutes 66 yards points on board. #pfm

1st string rocked it.

More question marks then we all thought.


Good Job. Good Effort

It’s still preseason. Not worried yet.

Can’t watch it in Brooklyn, NY. #sixwords

Apparently, Seahawks stayed at Holiday Inn

Sloppy but productive. Unfortunate but telling.

Awkward for Matt Flynn. Broncos sloppy

It was awkward because of …

Russell Wilson looks like a starter.

Doubters of Wilson should reconsider.

Bottom line: the starters won their phase; the backups lost theirs.

Our B Squad is worse than Seattle’s.

That’s why they’re the backups…

Seaahawks scrubs better than Broncos scrubs.

So is this the general point you’re trying to make?


Backups are bad, Wilson is good.

Depth got exposed tonight.

Second teams struggle massively.

We sucked rocks 2nd half.

1st string OK, 2nd string bad

Broncos have no depth.

And at one position …

We’re going with Plan A.

Who needs Plan B, when you have Plan A?

There seriously is no Plan B.

No Plan B. No Plan B.

Some thoughts require interpretation — or maybe we’d rather not know:

Is that smell on my shoe?

And finally, from an aesthetic perspective …

Orange jerseys have polo shirt collars.

I love the orange jerseys.

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